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Reduce the operational burden of recruitment

Experience a seamless recruitment journey with Kolay's Talentics application, which enables you to manage all aspects of recruitment and candidate tracking from job posting to offer submission. By automating recruitment processes, you can significantly reduce time and costs while ensuring a more efficient hiring process.


What features does Kolay's Applicant Tracking System offer?

Stand out with your career page

Effortlessly craft your company's distinctive career page in seconds, without the need for any software expertise, and kickstart the process of filling open positions.

  • Benefit from zero costs for job listings and career page creation
  • Tailor the design to match your brand identity
  • Customize application pages to align with specific position requirements
  • Strengthen and position your employer brand with precision and impact

Customize your application process

Tailor your application process to match your criteria and preferences. Effortlessly reach candidates via your career page or other channels, and efficiently collect all necessary candidate information in one application.

  • Personalize job application pages and stages to align with the requirements of each position
  • Accept resumes in various formats to accommodate candidate preferences
  • Automatically categorize applicants based on their stated competencies
  • Streamline the process by automatically transferring information from applications and resumes to the system

Reclaim your time for planning

Efficiently notify all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process stages and save time from interview scheduling to offer submission.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams
  • Utilize the collaborative calendar planning feature within the application
  • Access ready-made email templates for swift communication
  • Stay updated with status changes and receive email notifications

Share the operational load across departments

Establish a framework that allows all stakeholders engaged in the recruitment process to seamlessly monitor progress and contribute through notes and evaluations.

  • User-friendly for all parties involved
  • Customized scorecards specific to each position
  • Standardized interview notes to ensure objective candidate evaluation
  • Screens displaying the candidate's current stage and overall assessments

Establish a strong candidate pipeline

Centralize the information of all applicants to your company or those you identify as potential candidates in one platform, preventing them from getting lost in various files, ensuring easy access when necessary.

  • Maintain records of candidates' resumes, portfolios, and case studies
  • Capture all notes and evaluation scores from interviews
  • Utilize advanced filtering capabilities (by position, school, skills, etc.)
  • Categorize candidates based on reasons for offer rejection

Efficient filtering & seamless reporting

Assess your recruitment team's effectiveness, evaluate workflow stages, and calculate operational expenses to make informed decisions aimed at swiftly identifying top-tier candidates.

  • Monitor metrics conveniently on a unified dashboard
  • Automatically compute metrics like time-to-fill positions
  • Generate evaluation forms upon completion of candidate stages
  • Easily produce reports in Excel format
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