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Streamline and monitor all your HR processes from a single platform

Achieve maximum efficiency by managing all employee records on a unified platform. By centralizing tasks such as leave requests, expenses, attendance tracking and many more you can reduce your workload by up to 76%


In what ways does Kolay optimize your personnel management processes?

Structure your human resources operations on Kolay in a way that fits seamlessly into your company's workflow. Empower managers and employees to request leave, overtime, expenses, and advances directly from their accounts, leaving you with simplified management tasks.

Gather employee data in a centralized location

Utilize Kolay to securely store personnel files in a single platform. Access all necessary information seamlessly, from the moment an employee joins until they exit, ensuring access to up-to-date data at all times.
Tailor the platform to match your company's working hours
Customize fields according to your company's specific needs
Efficiently manage storage and archiving of employee documents
Track employee history and career milestones effectively
Receive smart reminders for important dates and events

Effortlessly manage leave processes

Utilize Kolay's preconfigured setup to efficiently manage leave procedures in compliance with legal statutes and up-to-date regulations. Define approval workflows tailored to your company, easily identify overlapping leave requests, and save up to 84% of the time in leave management processes.
Easily request and approve leaves via mobile application
Access leave entitlement and balance indicators for both employees and managers
Facilitate communication with request and approval emails
Effectively track payment transactions with detailed expense data
Generate leave reports compatible with payroll systems

Monitor attendance from a unified interface

With the Kolay Time Management module, view all data related to employee attendance, including clock-in/out times, absenteeism, breaks, public holidays, individual leave, overtime, and shortfall, all on one screen.
Receive alerts for any discrepancies in attendance records
Generate payroll reports effortlessly
Customize the setup based on your organization's working style
Automatically reflect requests such as leave on attendance records
Implement varying levels of authorization

Generate reports with a single click

Effortlessly create customized reports in Kolay using all stored data. Tailor reports to your requirements by incorporating essential information such as employee records, remaining leave balances, overtime, expenses, bonuses, and advances. Download your personalized reports in your preferred format.
Utilize the "Create Your Own" feature to craft reports specific to your needs
Generate reports in various formats and download them with ease
Access reports detailing overtime and leave balances
Grant special authorization for supervisors
Receive smart reminders for important dates requiring tracking

Additional Features

High Data Security

Ensure the utmost security of your data with Kolay, where all user data is encrypted using SSL certificates that meet bank standards.

Complimentary Features

Access a range of free applications such as meal cards, bank integration, overtime management, and attendance tracking from the get-go.

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose from a variety of packages tailored to your company's size and needs, paying only for the services you use and appreciate.

Easy Access Support

Easily access support for any inquiries or issues via the chat application conveniently situated at the bottom right within the app, or through email.

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