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Boost your company's success by 74% with the performance evaluation

Experience the simplified approach to performance evaluation with a range of assessment options, ready-to-use evaluation templates, and intelligent reminders for employees.


What features does Kolay's Performance Evaluation offer?

360-degree performance evaluation

  • Utilize the Performance Evaluation application to create evaluations customized for all company employees or specific departments and units.
  • Access lists of individuals who interact with employees, including superiors, subordinates, and teammates, from the company's organizational chart.
  • Conduct evaluations ranging from 90 to 360 degrees by assigning evaluators of your choice.

Goal assessment

  • When conducting goal evaluations, don't confine yourself to providing employees with only numerical or verbal objectives.
  • Utilize the application's flexible framework to manage both qualitative and quantitative goals set for employees within a unified system.
  • Assess employee performance and its impact on overall company performance based on the objectives you establish.

Competency assessment

  • Efficiently assess employee competencies using Kolay's pre-designed templates and customizable question sets.
  • Thoroughly evaluate employees' skills in leadership, adaptability to change, communication, and task management systematically.
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement in employees to tailor development plans accordingly.

Performance evaluation reports

  • Effortlessly retrieve bulk or individual performance reports with a single click, retaining control over who can access them.
  • Gain easy access to feedback from all evaluators, including employees, through individual performance evaluation reports.
  • Analyze competency average report outputs to swiftly pinpoint areas for improvement.

Automatic employee notifications

  • Upon publication of evaluations, promptly notify all participants with detailed evaluation information via email.
  • Efficiently monitor and remind individuals who have not yet completed their evaluations within the system with a simple click.
  • Eliminate time wasted on answering employee inquiries regarding deadlines for goal entries or the end of the evaluation period.

Streamlined operations

  • Effortlessly monitor the progress of various units, departments, or individuals in real-time through the performance evaluation interface.
  • Easily filter processes based on their status ongoing, completed, draft or by evaluation type.
  • Optimize efficiency by making single edits using the quick operations navigation, minimizing time spent on manual adjustments.

Additional Features

High Data Security

Ensure the utmost security of your data with Kolay, where all user data is encrypted using SSL certificates that meet bank standards.

Complimentary Features

Access a range of free applications such as meal cards, bank integration, overtime management, and attendance tracking from the get-go.

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose from a variety of packages tailored to your company's size and needs, paying only for the services you use and appreciate.

Easy Access Support

Easily access support for any inquiries or issues via the chat application conveniently situated at the bottom right within the app, or through email.

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