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I think Kolay İK is the most useful among the counterparts it may prefer when it comes to shift tracking.


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We are a meticulous customer. We also evaluated the corresponding programs in detail and finally decided to work with Kolay İK. During the purchasing process, we quickly responded to our request for each meeting, reached a cooperation decision without any question marks left in our minds.

Yunus Emre Ölmez

Yunus Emre Ölmez - Arabica Coffee House Human Resources Specialist

During the aggressive growth process in which our brand is located, we had serious problems with personnel tracking. Due to our rapid branching and centralized management understanding, we made unintentional mistakes in personnel and shift tracking issues.

That's why we went into a long and detailed research process for a product that would cover our human resources processes end-to-end and address our personnel management needs. Every move in a brand with many branches and an ever-increasing number of staff, like ours, takes time to reach full fruition. Since the return will be in a very long time if a wrong decision is made, we also decided to evaluate the corresponding programs in detail and finally work with  Kolay İK.

We are a meticulous customer. We received a quick response to our request for each meeting in the purchasing process, we reached a cooperation decision with no question marks left in our minds.

In particular, the full compatibility of Shift Management with our branch operation directly influenced our decision. The user-friendly interface was one of our reasons for choosing, as it will be a program to be used by 100+ unit managers. Kolay İK provided us with great support in data transfer by integrating with other systems that we also use for transferring user data.

At present, we are actively using all the functions of Kolay İK. In particular, I would like to point out that during the process we started using the live support feature, both as unit managers and HR team, we frequently used the live support feature. Thanks to a fast and solution-oriented support team, we have adapted to the application without any problems.

With Kolay İK, our reporting and tracking processes have become very easy. Being able to report in a way that fully meets user requests and demands has greatly benefited our business processes. We have not received a single feedback from our 800+ staff who actively use the app and whose number is growing every day that the use is complicated. Thanks to Kolay İK, all employees can reach their shifts in a practical way and receive reminders through the mobile application.

I can easily recommend Kolay İK to both large and small companies in many industries. The clearest benefit it brings to our industry is the Shift Management application, which can be used not only by white collar but also by blue collar employees. I think Kolay İK is the most useful among the counterparts that a structure working with a shift system can prefer when it comes to shift tracking.

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